MuffinButtons by Erica Schultz Yakovetz

Shiny, candylike 1" buttons. Label yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect to get my order?

Normal turnaround is 7-10 business days, including standard shipping by U.S. Mail. If you want yours faster, please inquire via e-mail about availability.

Hey, I have a great idea for a button you should carry!

Great! Click here for our suggestion box. If we add one of your suggestions to the permanent MuffinButtons line, AND you include a valid contact email, we'll send you a freebie! Or, if you just want to order a few for yourself right now, see our Custom Orders page.

Can you make buttons in other sizes?

Nope! I only have one size button maker, a 1" model.

What do you use to make the buttons?

The Model 100 machine from Dr. Don's Buttons, a solid steel two-stage "semi-automatic" manual press. It's pretty sturdy, and I can crank out about 75 buttons an hour at top speed (including the cutting and assembling time). Anytime I sell buttons at a convention or event, I'm also doing a continuous live demo—great for kids.

How do you make the insides?

Most of my buttons are produced by laser-printing black circles right onto colored paper, with the letters "reversed out" so that the color of the paper shows through them. This produces much brighter colors and cleaner contrast than you can get from full-color laser printing,. (Conversely, though, it can mean that the blacks occasionally come out a little rusty, depending on the toner coverage.) I also sometimes produce multicolored or full-color buttons.

What font do you use?

Futura Bold.

Always? Why?

Because I like the design aesthetic of it for this particular purpose. However, if you'd rather have a different font, feel free to specify something in a custom order.

When did you start making buttons?

I bought my button machine in January of 2004, and debuted MuffinButtons at the Arisia convention in Boston that same month.

Why is it called "Muffin" Buttons?

Long story short, "Muffin" was an old nickname and my first email address. "Besides, I am particularly fond of muffins."

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I have a 1" button maker, and I'm not afraid to use it!