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MuffinButtons by Erica Schultz Yakovetz

Shiny, candylike 1" buttons. Label yourself!

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$1.25 each; free shipping on 6 or more! Powered by PayPal.
  You can also order via snail-mail, but not right now. Check back later.

Yes, we make PRONOUN BUTTONS! Use the Custom Button or Bulk Orders pages to create whatever your heart desires.

To order multiples of the same button, change your quantities on the next page and click "Update". Then click "Continue shopping" to order additional buttons. (Or, for 6 or more of the same button, see our Bulk Orders page.)

I want a button from the inventory list!

Just $1.25 apiece.
Color = designer's choice based on availability.

I want this one:

You can enter all your selections here, or feel free to browse the other pages on the site.

I thought of the perfect custom button!

Put your label on a button for only $2.50.
(Recommended 30 characters maximum; remember, these are small buttons. We CAN accommodate longer text if you have your heart set on it; it'll just be very small.)

Button Text:
Text Color:
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I have a 1" button maker, and I'm not afraid to use it!